The Neural Effect

Just as an idea is created not by a single neuron, but by flowing through thousands in our brain; each of our interactive artists are efficiently leveraged to make even the most complex project seem like an afterthought.

Responsive Web Design

Your website should look great and work everywhere.

Responsive Work

Mobile App Development

We build beautiful mobile apps using both cross platform and native tools to fulfill your needs on your terms.

Mobile Work

Facebook Contests by Synapse Promotions

Our custom contest plugin allows you to quickly and easily engage your fan base allowing you to loop them into your world. With Synapse Promotions, you can run sweepstakes, a voting campaign or even a crowdsourced design/photo contest.

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About Our Studio

Neural Interactive was started because we saw something fundamentally wrong with the way interactive was being produced. Often, projects were late and over budget or were missing important functionality. Our group set out to not only push the bounds of what the devices we use daily can do, but make the process as transparent and pain-free as possible. We hope you share our vision and that you’ll look to us to help achieve your digital goals in the future.