Snow Reports iPad App

Mobile / Web

When Vail Resortsí subsidiary OnTheSnow asked us to build an HTML5 snow reports app for the debut of the Google Chrome Web Store, we were excited at the possibilities. Seeing the very tablet UI like design we decided to build it on the Sencha Touch framework that would not only work on Chrome, but also on the iPad and other WebKit based browsers.

Then we used Titanium Mobile to build a native wrapper around the site and to add some more native functionality like sending emails from within the app and using the deviceís GPS sensor for location. The great thing is weíre remotely loading the HTML from the same spot it gets served from for the Chrome web app. This opens up a few great possibilities. First off thereís a single codebase that runs both the Chrome and the iPad app which reduces complexity and makes feature addition in the future much easier. Second, when we want to add features we donít have to go back through the iTunes approval process any longer as we can implement most features directly in the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript being served from the server.

This app truly shows off the power of the mobile web browsers and how HTML5 can take over for native applications.