Nissin's Cup Noodles Photo Contest


To celebrate Nissin Foods’ 40th anniversary, they decided to use our Synapse Promotions Facebook contest plugin to create a crowdsourced photo contest. The best photo with Nissin Foods’ Cup Noodles in it had a chance to win up to $500 for their creativity.

Synapse Promotions was built from the ground up to be extremely easy for both the administrators and users to use. Facebook users approve the app and have to like the brand’s fan page in order to see entries or enter themselves. After that they can rate entries or click to submit their own. The information they’re asked to enter is completely configurable in the contest admin panel and you can choose to require the user to share the contest in order to enter or not. After the user has entered, the admin has the option to approve or deny the entry. If approved, it shows up for all to see and vote on. In the administration panel there’s an easy to use list that shows how many votes each entry received, what the average vote was and a unique point value to determine both the popularity and ranking of each entry. From there it’s a simple drag and drop badge awarding process that displays the winners in the app.

Synapse Promotions supports sweepstakes (enter to win) with automatic random winner picking, voting (entries provided by administrator, voted on by users), crowdsourced voting (entries provided by users, voted on by users) and daily reveals. Contact us for more information and pricing.