Responsive / Social / Web

Cause Flash is a unique digital platform that aggregates the social-media voices of renown celebrities, organizations and the public, to raise global awareness and funds for important causes and campaigns.  By amplifying the power of followers and fans, Cause Flash instantly launches focused appeals to address some of the greatest issues of the day.

We built a fully automated system on top of WordPress that allows users to donate their social media voice to a cause.  Combining the crowd with prominent celebrities allows a huge flash of awareness to spread across the Internet and drives donations.  This system automatically connects to all of the profiles in the system, including celebrity profiles which don’t have the same access tokens granted from users and updates their social following every hour to keep the overall numbers updated.  It also automatically connects on the flash date and time to send out a specific message for the cause through all connected accounts.  This functionality allows new campaigns to be created and maintained easily by a single person rather than a team usually needed to keep everything running.